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Bachelor of Biotechnology, Nha Trang University, 2013 – 2017.


Vietnamese title: Nghiên cứu thành phần loài cua ghẹ sống tầng đáy ở Khánh Hòa và Phú Yên dựa trên đặc điểm hình thái và di truyền.

English title:  Study on species composition of benthic crab distributed in Khanh Hoa and Phu Yen based on morphological and genetic characters.

This study applied DNA barcoding for identifying 23 species of decapod crab (representing 1 order, 12 families and 16 genera) collected from central Vietnam (Khanh Hoa and Phu Yen provinces). Phylogenetic trees were constructed based on CO1 gene of mitochondrial DNA using Neighbour Joining, Maximum Likelihood and Bayesian Inference approaches. The phylogram showed well-resolved clades at family and genus level. Two separate clades have been detected:  clade I (Xanthidae, Carpiliidae/ Gecarcinucidae and Portunuidae) and  clade II (Calappidae, Macrophthalmidae and Grapsidae). This is the first DNA barcoding data of benthic crab species in Vietnam, contributing significantly to the assessment of crab biodiversity, and as a basis for resource management and conservation.


Dang Thuy Binh, Nguyen Truc Son, Tran Quang Sang.,  2017.  Species diversity and DNA barcode of benthic crustacean (Decapoda) in central Vietnam. Diễn đàn – Hội nghị khoa học quốc tế “Biển đông 2017”