The Book of Abstract for MBE-2015


Dear Distinguished Delegates, Colleagues, and Guests,

The MBE 2015 Organizing Committee warmly welcomes you to the International Conference on Marine Biotechnology and Environment (MBE 2015) scheduled during 12-13 June 2015 in Nha Trang City, Vietnam.

The main themes of the BME 2015 are biotechnology and environmental sciences. This conference introduces new research and new applications of biotechnology and environmental science in Vietnam and abroad, and endeavors to hasten partnerships between Vietnamese and foreign Universities, Research Institutions, Government Agencies, and Industry.

The MBE 2015 Conference provides a platform for scientists, managers, businesses, and students specializing on marine Biotechnology and Environmental Science in Asia and abroad to share basic and applied research results. Moreover, it is a great opportunity for businesses to promote biotechnology and environmental science research as well as collectively share research infrastructure. The conference also provides a great opportunity for Vietnamese and international partners to develop and expand the interdisciplinary research collaborations.

We are indebted to and thank our sponsors and support staff for their financial and technical support, which has been critical to the success of the MBE 2015 Conference, and we extend our deep thanks to all of the keynote, plenary, and session speakers. Your efforts have made for an excellent open forum for sharing and discussing important and useful scientific information on biotechnology and environmental science issues. Once again, we welcome and thank you all very much for your great contributions and collaborations in preparing the MBE 2015 Conference!

We hope that you all will enjoy your time at the conference as well as enjoy your stay in Vietnam!

Best wishes to all delegates,

Organizing Committee

June 12-13, 2015

Nha Trang, Vietnam

Link to download The Book of Abstract here