NTU-PKNU student exchange program

On January 19, the student exchange program collaborated between Nha Trang University and Pukyong National University has started at Nha Trang campus. Seventeen students from PKNU joint the program that will take place in three weeks.

Vietnamese and South Korea students

The program includes three courses: Vietnamese Culture and Vietnamese Language (Basic), Tropical Marine Biology and Aquaculture, and Khanh Hoa Fisheries Economics and Tourism.  Students will take part in classes, meet with staff and students of NTU, and take field trips to locations, factories in and outside Khanh Hoa province such as Huyndai Vinashin Shipyard, Vinh Thai Lagoon, Hon Mun Marine Protected Area etc. Courses are taught by instructors from NTU and University of Bergen (Norway), students also participate in cultural exchange events and Open Day 2015 at NTU

Korea students participate in theory and practic courses

Lecturers from IBE to teach Marine biodiversity. The Korean students have participated in field trips and laboratory practice. The students are provided with basic knowledge and observation of biodiversity in Vietnam, through which can raise awareness about the conservation of natural resources.

Fieldtrip in Hon Mun protected Area and Nha Trang Ocenography Institute