SVM30022GR0249 "Management and restoration mangrove forests in the north of Khanh Hoa province - Toward sustainable landscape"

Project Description

Mangroves are coastal wetland ecosystems in tropics and subtropics, possessing high biodiversity, benefit both coastal protection, and local residents. Urban development, environmental pollutions and climate change have led to serious decline of mangroves. This project will be implemented REDD+ activities: afforestation, forest conservation, restoration, and an avoided deforestation. Field survey will be conducted to supplement mangroves data in the north Khanh-Hoa, south-central Vietnam. The database on carbon stocks and GHG emissions will be established. This project supports seedlings supply and technical assistance to local authorities in managing 50ha, protecting two conservation sites, and afforesting 10ha. A series of training sessions, seminars and, meetings will be organized with local authorities; communities, NGOs, schools, and private sectors to deliver and provide technical assistance, report survey results, propose, and implement regulations to reduce GHG emission. This project conducts livelihood models (waste treatment plus organic agriculture of indigenous plants) for women and vulnerable communities.

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The video about the activities in our mangrove planting project (Cameraman/Editor: Phuc Phan - a volunteer from Faculty of Foreign Languages - NTU)