Nha Trang University doctoral student Vu Dang Ha Quyen presented her defense on Friday 25 September, 2020

Quyen is a doctoral student studying Biotechnology at the University of Science, Vietnam National University, HCM City, and is a member of the Molecular Lab at Nha Trang University. After months preparing for the biggest day of her career, she has defended her research before a committee of 7 people, and audiences, including supervisors, classmates, friends and family.
During her presentation, Quyen defended her research on biodiversity and population genetics of fish in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam. After a presentation that lasted just over haft an hour – followed by a review and discussion with her seven committee members – Quyen was declared a doctor.
Quyen's research has received high appreciation from an evaluation board. She also publishes the results of her research in prestigious international journals such as Conservation genetics, Heredity.
"Despite going through a lot of hardships and challenges along the way to becoming a doctorate, I am a bit proud of my achievements," Quyen said.
We wish Dr. Quyen will continue to promote the knowledge she has learned, and succeed in her future career.