Principal Investigator
Institute for Biotechnology and Environment

Nha Trang University

B.S.  Biology. Da Lat University, Vietnam

MSc: Marine Science: University of Arhus, Denmark
Ph.D.  Marine Biodiversity. University of Bergen, Norway

Recent Publications

S. H. Cheng, F. E. Anderson, A. Bergman, G. N. Mahardika, Z. A. Muchlisin, B. T. Dang, H. P. Calumpong, K. S. Mohamed. 2014. Molecular evidence for co-occurring cryptic lineages within the Sepioteuthis cf. lessoniana species complex in the Indian and Indo-West Pacific Oceans. Hydrobiologia. 725:165–188

Dang, B.T., Levsen, A., Schander, C., Bristow, G. A.. 2010. Some Haliotrema (Monogenea: Dactylogyridae) from cultured grouper (Epinephelus spp.) with emphasis on the phylogenetic position of Haliotrema cromileptis. Journal of Parasitology 96 –

Dang, BT., Bristow, A., Schander, A., Berland, B. 2013. Three new species of Pseudorhabdosynochus (Monogenea: Diplectanidae) from Vietnamese grouper (Epinephelus sp.) (Perciformes: Serranidae), International Journal of Aquatic Science. 4(2)

I have 15 years experience working in molecular ecology applied to fisheries research. I am senior researcher at the Institute for Biotechnology and Environment, Nha Trang University. My research interests include evolution, phylogeny, phylogeography, biodiversity, population genetics and conservation of marine and aquatic organisms.

I am the leader of Biodiversity and Conservation group and responsible for international cooperation at the Institute for Biotechnology and Environment at Nha Trang University.

I am long time contributor to, and, now principle investigator of the National Gen Conservation Project titeled “Gen conservation of Vietnamese marine organism” (2004-2009).

Additionally, I am involved in several national and international projects such as:

a) CARD project, ACIAR support “Increase the capacity on nutrient analysis in Vietnam” ,

b) NUFU Project “Aquaculture and coastal management in Vietnam”, and

c) Component 4, SRV2701 project “Environmental impact of Aquaculture activities to the issue of food safety of green mussels and aquatic snails in integrated farming systems”

d) EU project: “Parasite Risk Assessment with Integrated Tools in EU fish production value chains” (GA Number 312068) with responsibility for a case study in Vietnam

Recently, my laboratory became involved in a CT – PIRE project working with biodiversity and conservation genetics in Vietnam. Through our collaboration with Old Dominion University, we received a PEER project working with Conservation genetics for improve resource management in a changing Mekong Delta.