Ph.D. Student
Department of Biotechnology, Faculty of Biology
Vietnam National  University  - Ho Chi Minh City, University of Science


B.A. in Biology , Vietnam National  University  - Ha Noi, University of Science, Vietnam  2006

Ms. In Microbiology, University of Bergen, Norway 2011

The name of my Ph.D thesis is “Construction of molecular marker applications in biodiversity research and population genetics of fish in Mekong Delta”.  My research focuses specifically on applying molecular genetic approaches to answering questions about fish diversity and the genetic connectivity of fish populations in Mekong Delta. For my doctoral dissertation, I tested hypotheses on barriers to populations of three kinds of fishs which live in different salinity in Mekong delta in Vietnam using ezRAD in collecting library and sequecing. These fish include: smallscale croaker Boesemania microlepis (Bleeker, 1858-59), Borneo threadfin Polynemus milanochir (Bleeker, 1852), and redspot emperor snapper Lethrinus lentjan  (Lacepède, 1802). I also identify and build of genetic data for popular fish species  in Meking delta. A subset of my dissertation data is also being applied to conservation the resource and diversity of fish in the Mekong delta in Vietnam.