Within the framework of the PEEE 6-435 project "Riverscape Genetics to Inform Natural History of Exploited Fishes in the Lower Mekong River Basin", on 18/7/2019, the signing ceremony of the multilateral MOU between Nha Trang University, the Inland Fisheries Research and Development Institute, Cambodia; Living Aquatic Resource Research Center and Ubon Rachathani University, Thailand is held at Nha Trang University.

Join the signing ceremony with Dr. Chheng Phen, President, Inland Fisheries Research and Development Institute in Cambodia, PhD. Tran Doan Hung, Vice Principal of Nha Trang University, and partners from Laos, Thailand and Myanmar, along with US partners from Old Dominion University and the Smithsonian Institution.

On behalf of the research team, Dr. Dang Thuy Binh introduced the history of forming the Mekong river research network through PEER projects. Dr. Tran Doan Hung delivered a speech to welcome delegates, and appreciated USAID and the United States' support. Prof. Kent Capenter emphasizes the importance of cooperation and building a Mekong river research network in regional projects.
The signing ceremony took place in solemn atmosphere, witnessed by partners. This will be a premise for future cooperation projects to further strengthen and expand the research network.

After the MOU signing ceremony is the second annual meeting of the Peer 6-435 project. The partners discussed the sampling process, outreach activities, discussing budget lines and identifying target species. This is the second year of PEER 6-435 project hosted by Nha Trang University. The partners completed the sampling, and will conduct the labworks and data analysis in the following years.