Partnerships for Enhanced Engagement in Research

  Evidence-to-Action Supplemental Grants Program

The main objectives of this proposal are to conduct a workshop to synthesize advanced genomic research relevant to conservation and resource management in the MRB and to produce a TV show that packages this information in a popular context to make people aware of the important of conservation in the MRB.  The workshop will bring together leading scientists from US and MRB to explore strategies using the emerging field of advanced genomic for applications in biodiversity research and resource management in MRB.  To strengthen the application of scientific research on national and regional policies (a major development concern), the workshop will also closely engage government officials of the relevant ministries in Vietnam. Moreover, we also expect the participation of Mekong River Commission, local officials in the MRB, and early career professionals in government departments. These officials, along with the scientists will provide the ideas and information needed to transfer relevant knowledge to the community, to raise public awareness, and build awareness for the need develop appropriate policies regarding the environment the sustainable development of resources. As part of the network building process, an important component of this workshop will be a round table meeting discussing the proposed development of a shared database that will be hosted by the Mekong River Commission (MRC). This is part of an ongoing effort by collaborator, Dr. So Nam in his role in the MRC. This larger effort includes the development of a database to allow sharing of all fisheries related data being produced in the MRB.

Today, the media has proven to be very powerful influence. Through prestige channels, websites of government and scientific institutions, social networks, and online video sharing, environmental information is directly accessible to the community. Our goal will be to use public media outlets to promote the results of the scientific workshop in order to bring the results to the general public and to policy makers primarily through the production of a popular science video that can be aired on TV.