Project 20151CZ01KA107013692

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Project design and implementation

Erasmus program is expected to exchange faculty and students. The objective of the program are to support Vietnamese outstanding students to have an overseas study experience and Czech higher education students to have a study experience in Vietnam

  • Increase cooperation between higher education institutions in Czech Republic and higher education institutions in Vietnam
  • Facilitate staff and student exchange to promote an increased understanding and recognition of Czech Republic qualifications overseas and overseas qualifications in Czech Republic

Student exchange

Each year, two students from each university will undergo one semester abroad. The courses will be selected in accordance with specialized that students are studying. Currently, IBE are two specialized training as Biotechnology and Environmental engineering. Based on English courses offered by the Department of Environment - J. E. Purkyne University, IBE ‘s students can learn several modules such as Environment, protection of natural resources and biodiversity, manage protected area, General Economics…

Staff exchange

In addition, two teachers will be selected each year to participate in the exchange of teaching (each teacher will teach 1 or 2 week). The teaching module will be selected in accordance with the curriculum of the two universities. IBE lecturer can teach Marine Biodiversity and Ecology, Microbiological Environment, Coastal management and climate change.

Impact and dissemination

In addition to building the education capacity of Vietnam’s academic and research institutes through the training students and lecturer exchange, others who would benefit from this project would include the broader communities of students, laypeople, and staff at IBE, and regional and national institutes of higher education, and administration through the sharing and attending study modules.

Erasmus program will be important in capacity building at Nha Trang University (IBE in particularly). The trained staff will in turn, help other young lecturers and strengthen the education foundation of NTU to meet future internationalization and integration challenges. This with also nurture and promote international education exchanges between Vietnamese students, researchers and faculty, and counterparts in neighboring and regional countries also investing in environment and natural resource management.

The courses taught by professors from the J.P. Purkyne University  will be widely reported to  students, faculty, staff and administrators from local universities, research institutes and agencies  The exchange student from the Czech Republic will participate in academic, social and culture activities along with Vietnamese students. These activities will contribute to strengthen the solidarity between the two countries, and enhance cooperation between the two universities to higher level.