Project Contributors

Glenn Allan Bristow

Born 20 Jan 1944, Hartford, CT, USA Citizenship, US. Assistant Professor Emeritus, University of Bergen, Bergen, Norway Guest Professor, Institute of Biotechnology and Environment, Nha Trang University, Nha Trang, Vietnam. Dr. Sci. Zoology (Evolution and Ecology of Marine Parasites), Zoological Institute (now Department of Biology), University of Bergen, Bergen, Norway M. Sci. Zoology (Population Genetics ...

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Amanda Ackiss

Amanda Ackiss Ph.D. Student Department of Biological Sciences Old Dominion University  aackiss(at) Education B.A. Media Studies, University of Virginia, 2002 Research Living the motto "variety is the spice of life", Amanda is working on three Coral Triangle PIRE species, Caesio cuning, Acanthaster planci  and Tripneustes gratilla. Of particular interest to her ...

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