Chheng Phen

Acting Director of Inland Fisheries Research and Development Institute, Fisheries Administration, Cambodia


His research interests are within the field of Aquatic Biology, Food-Nutrition Security, Fisheries and Ecological based adaptation. Dr. Phen has worked as the head of biology division in Inland Fisheries Research and Development Institute;as CEO in Narith Import Export Co, Ltd., Fisheries Officer at Southeast Asian Outreach Organization (SCALE). His publications related to Fisheries Research and Development, Ecology, Integrated Management of Aquatic Resources and Food-Nutrition Security.

He has also served as a Chair for Technical Working Group on Dams, Mekong River Commission, as a Member of Technical Working Group on Climate change for Ministry of Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries, as a Team Leader for Ecological Health Monitoring Program in Cambodia and as a Country Director for Trans boundary Fisheries Management on the Mekong and Sekong Rivers in Cambodia and Lao PDR. Dr. Phen has conducted several projects related to fisheries, hydropower dams, nutrition and ecology funded by international institutions like WWF, DANIDA and OXFAM.