Mie Mie Kyaw

Senior Lecturer and Researcher, Department of Zoology, University of Mandalay, Myanmar

E-mail: mmkama74@gmail.com

Priority of interest:

Ecology and Habitat conservation, Environmental Science, Biodiversity, Fisheries resource and Dolphins conservation, Environmental degradation, Natural resource governance, Water resource management, Environmental Health, EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) & SIA (Social Impact Assessment),  Socio-economic developments,  Environmental DNA, Food web structure & Biological production system and Climate change, Nature - Culture Linkages, Women participation in EIA processes, CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Sector Policy, Sustainable Development Goals, Millennium Development Goals

International Awards:

1. Research Fellow; ASEAN- U.S. Science and Technology Fellow (2014)

2. Research Fellow; Research stays for University Academics and Scientists; DAAD Scholarship Program (Germany), Department of Hydrology and Water Resources Management, Kiel University, Germany, (2015)

3. ASEAN Science Diplomat (2017)

4. Research Fellow; MIF (The Matsumae International Foundation), (Japan), Department of Environmental Engineering, Kyoto University, Japan (2018)


1. B.Sc. (Honors) Zoology (University of Mandalay, Myanmar)

2. MSc (Zoology) (University of Mandalay, Myanmar)

3. PhD (Zoology) (University of Mandalay, Myanmar)

4. Post-graduate Diploma in English (Mandalay University of Foreign Languages, Myanmar)

5. Diploma in Information Technology (IT) (Human Resource & Ministry of Education, Myanmar)

6. Post-graduate Diploma in German (Yangon University of Foreign Languages, Myanmar)

7. Post-graduate Diploma in Global English (University of Yangon, Myanmar)

8. Post-graduate Diploma in English (SEAMEO) (University of Yangon, Myanmar)

9. Post-graduate Diploma in International Relations and Development (University of Yangon, Myanmar)

10. Post-graduate Diploma in GIS (Geographic Information System) (University of Yangon, Myanmar)

11. Post-graduate Diploma in English, PGDE & HRD (Human Resource Development), (Mandalay University of Foreign Languages, Myanmar)

Research, Teaching and Supervision:

Ecology, Environmental Science, Biodiversity, Relationship between fisheries resource and water resource, Sustainable natural resource management, Socioeconomic development regarding SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)